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11 purees for babies, rich and nutritious!

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11 purees for babies, rich and nutritious!

Have you started introducing food and don’t know how to vary your little one’s food? Today we propose 11 delicious and nutritious purees for babies so that eating is a lot of fun!

We bring you vegetable purees , such as the famous pumpkin puree, a spinach and potato puree or an aubergine and tomato puree , chicken purees, legume purees and some mashed bananas combined with avocado and quinoa that will delight your baby. To see the recipes, click on the links. Bon Apetit!

vegetable purees

Pumpkin, zucchini, potato… are usually the first vegetables that pediatricians recommend giving the baby a try. As the little one can eat more things, it is time to start to vary the purées by incorporating other vegetables such as chives, onions, leeks and even some protein such as egg yolk.

If you are at this stage, you will like to know that our pumpkin puree incorporates milk, egg yolk and spring onion, while the zucchini puree that we propose also contains potato, leek, onion, carrot and even garlic!

When the time comes to try spinach, don’t hesitate to try the one we leave you here today. It’s a delight! Just like vegetable puree !

And finally, to finish this selection with vegetables, we leave you with an aubergine and tomato purée that will surprise the little ones with its flavor and texture.

chicken purees

Is it time to introduce the chicken? How about doing it in the company of rice and vegetables? This purée has a smooth texture that the little ones will really like.

And yes, even if it seems strange to you, chicken and pear get along wonderfully! I assure you… this purée will become part of your recipe book!

vegetable purees

Legumes are very nutritious and provide an excellent supply of vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is important to incorporate them into infant feeding.

How about making a pea puree ? It has chicken, leek and potatoes and it tastes sensational! Another option is chickpea puree with chicken, green beans, potato and carrot.

banana purees

Have you already tried quinoa? It is super rich and provides proteins and essential amino acids, and it goes great with bananas! The same thing happens with the avocado, believe it or not, the mashed banana and avocado is a true delicacy of the gods. Your little one will love them!

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