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4 purees with carrot for babies

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4 purees with carrot for babies

Some time ago we presented you with 11 purees for babies , today we refine the search and present you 4 super nutritious carrot purees , ideal to introduce the little ones to complementary feeding .

We start with a carrot puree with potatoes … What if we also add pumpkin? Much tastier! But that’s not all, we also teach you how to prepare a puree that includes salmon (for older children, of course) and a combination with fruit, do you dare?

Carrot and potato puree

Carrot puree  is usually well accepted by children for its soft texture and sweet taste. And if we add pumpkin, as in the second recipe, it will be even more nutritious!

See the recipes for carrot and potato puree and carrot, potato and pumpkin puree .

Carrot and salmon puree

This puree for babies is recommended for those over 18 months of age since we must wait for the inclusion of fish in their diet, specifically salmon, which is more fatty. You will see that it is simply delicious…

Fruit purée with mango, apple and carrot

Would it have occurred to you to mix the fruits with the carrot ? Not me, but the truth is, my son loved this fruit porridge and since then, I’m not closed to any ideas! Come on, dare to try it.

See the recipe for mango, apple and carrot puree .

Did you like these 4 purees for babies with carrot ?

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