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5 recipes for children, from cartoons! | Recipes for Kids

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5 recipes for children, from cartoons! | Recipes for Kids

It is known that children eat with their eyes and that is why we always bring you  fun and original children’s recipes  to conquer them with the appearance of the dishes. This time we have chosen  5 cartoon recipes for children! Imagine the faces of the little ones when they find their favorite character on the plate!

We bring you sandwiches, sweet dishes and even hummus! Would you like to see these  recipes for children  inspired by their favorite cartoon characters?

In the main image we have seen one of the characters of the moment: it is Olaf , the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen . The base of this dish is a round sandwich that will be Olaf’s face. To do it we can use sliced ​​bread in which we will cut two circles and for the filling you can choose the ingredients that you like the most. If you want to close it as a dumpling as seen in the image, you must use one of the molds that are sold for this purpose. To complete the body and details, you can use whatever you have at home, for example thin apple slices for the body, raisins for the buttons, sliced ​​carrot and cheese for the face details, etc. (Source: Disney Family )

Cartoon Kids Recipes, WALL–E Cookies

The cute robot WALL-E has such beautiful and expressive eyes that they are impossible to forget. These are normal  shortbread cookies  cut using the template that you can download from the link below the image. Once you have baked them according to the recipe, you cover them with white icing (egg white with icing sugar) and before it dries, you stick a small chocolate cookie to make the eye. With a bit of firmer icing, glue a brown Lacasito on top of each chocolate cookie and so that the two eyes are together, glue the cookies (always with icing) on ​​a pretzel. Do not forget to let them dry well before moving them. Check out more only at Pet Pooja.

Recipes for cartoon children, Simba of hummus

Kids will be amazed when they see Simba from The Lion King on their plate! It is hummus  decorated with strips of roasted red pepper to make the mane, pieces of wheat tortilla for the trunk and ears, and radish for the eyes and snout. The center of the eye and the eyebrows are made with black olives.

Recipes for cartoon children, princess Sofia cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for a children’s party inspired by Princess Sofia . You can use the  cookie monster cupcake recipe  that we left you with a while ago, only instead of dyeing the buttercream blue, you will do it purple. We spread the cupcakes with the purple buttercream, using a small spatula and then we decorate them with white fondant, making the symbol of Sofia: a flower with four petals with small triangles between petal and petal.

Cartoon kids recipes, Mate sandwich

Mater is Lightning McQueen’s best friend from the movie Cars. This fun sandwich is made in the same way that we explained for the first one, Olaf’s. Look at the details: the upper part of Mate is made with some green beans, on which we will put the eyes cut out in a slice of cheese, with the center of slices of stuffed green olives. His mouth is a slice of chorizo ​​trimmed with cheese teeth. And the traffic light? A piece of celery with cream cheese in the center, with circles of red, green and yellow bell peppers.

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