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Constipation in babies, what do I feed them?…

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Constipation in babies, what do I feed them?…

If last week we were considering what to feed a 6-month-old baby who is starting complementary feeding, today we are going to consider what to feed babies with constipation, preparing a suitable fruit puree for this case.

Many children when they start with complementary feeding suffer from one or another episode of constipation , and although it is almost always something transitory, parents worry a lot, we have even had to go to the pediatrician.

If this happens to you, we can help you by following some guidelines:

  • Continue breastfeeding as long as possible since the lactose it contains makes the stool contain more water, making it easier to expel.
  • Do not make sudden changes in food, new foods should be introduced little by little and in small quantities, observing if any cause any unwanted change.
  • Increase fruits and vegetables rich in fibers, depending on the age of the baby we will lean towards some foods or others.
  • We will control the consumption of foods that cause hard stools, such as underripe bananas, apples without skin, carrots or rice.

Today we show you how to make a fruit porridge that will help you. This time we have combined banana with plums, grapes and orange , but you can also use pear and kiwi, this one must be very careful when peeling it so that it does not release any of the hairs on the skin as it can be harmful.

As for the banana , although it is a food whose moderate consumption is recommended in the treatment of acute diarrhea , since it contains a large amount of tannins that increase the reabsorption of water and electrolytes, as well as soluble fiber that increases water absorption, increasing the consistency of the stools, it is also usually recommended in cases of constipation , since by containing a large amount of fiber (soluble and insoluble), it improves intestinal transit, so that the banana is a suitable food both for the treatment of constipation Diarrhea like constipation.

Homemade fruit puree for babies with constipation


  • half banana
  • Half orange
  • 1 plum
  • 5 grapes

We squeeze the half orange to obtain the juice and put it in the blender glass together with the banana, the plum and the grapes, we do not peel these but we do remove the seeds.

We beat well, do not mind if there are some remains of skin of the grapes, nothing happens and it will benefit them. Now we only have to serve it, a soft spoon and a good bib!

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