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Fruit porridge for babies | Recipes for kids

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Fruit porridge for babies | Recipes for kids

Today we are going to prepare a fruit and biscuit porridge for babies’ snacks , usually one of the fruit porridges that babies like the most, since the biscuit greatly sweetens its flavor.

I think that the orange, banana, apple and cookie porridge is one of the most classic combinations of food for babies . I have used cookies from the usual ones, the most normal ones and looking on the label that they do not contain eggs, I will give them to them from time to time so that they continue to like the flavor of the fruit alone.

You have to keep in mind that gluten is introduced from 7 months , so if the baby is smaller you will have to look for gluten-free cookies. With the orange there are also quite a few discrepancies, since in some cases it is considered allergenic and its introduction is recommended from the first year of age . In any case, always observe the reaction of the children when you introduce a new food…

Fruit porridge and cookies


  • Juice of half an orange or a tangerine
  • half banana
  • half an apple
  • 3 marie cookies.

Preparation of the fruit and biscuit porridge

Put half a banana, half an apple, the juice of half an orange and the three cookies in the blender glass, blend well and serve.

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