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Homemade fruit jar step by step | Recipes for kids

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Homemade fruit jar step by step | Recipes for kids

Complementary feeding includes all foods other than breast milk or formula that usually make up the child’s diet from the age of six months, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. until the first year.

My baby has just turned six months old , and I have the question that assails all of us mothers: what do I feed him?… We have gone for a check-up and the nurse tells me that we have to start with complementary feeding and gives me a sheet of paper with some guidelines…

And if it has happened to me, I suppose there are many mothers who see yourselves in this situation, the same or similar. This time, as I was going second, I didn’t give it much importance because with the first one I was very worried, I bought books, printed the recommendations of different Organisms, medical articles, internet forums… in some places they recommended starting with vegetables, others with meat or the fruits, such a mess that I even became obsessed, but in the end I relaxed, of course I have to tell you that it helped me to have a baby who ate everything without any problem.

For all this I have decided to share with you my experience teaching you the whole process from its first jars, which I hope will serve you and help you.

Of course each child is a world, and not all evolve in the same way or have the same needs, so always follow the advice of your pediatrician.

I have started by offering him different foods little by little, just as the pediatrician recommends, first alone to see if something provokes any kind of reaction, and then I will prepare different “potitos” for him.

To be clear about what I can give you and what I can’t, the first thing I do is print this Pequerecetas template and put it on the fridge door with some magnets, I assure you it’s very useful.

The first thing has been to give him pieces of fruit, inside an anti-choking mesh, he loves to suck until everything is finished. He also loves the banana that I mash for him with a fork or the pear that I grate for him. Today we have tried gluten-free cereals , I have cooked rice for him, quite soggy, I have crushed it very well and I have added a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, he loved it! And as for vegetables, we have tried carrots, zucchini, pumpkin and potato. The meat will be added next month.

I leave you with his first initiation jar , this one with fruit, apple, banana and mango.

How to prepare a fruit jar?


  • half an apple
  • half banana
  • half mango

How to make fruit jar step by step

Put the fruit in the blender glass and blend very well.

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