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How to make chicken curry – easy recipes

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How to make chicken curry - easy recipes

Chicken curry , an exotic recipe that takes us to other places like India and since I tried it in a restaurant and decided to make it at home, it has become one of our favorite chicken recipes. It has a unique flavor!

Curry powder is a mixture of spices typical of Indian cuisine . The mixture can be very varied, even itchy or not. You can make your own curry, in my case, when I prepare chicken curry at home  and the children are not going to eat it, I get excited about the spices and I make it very spicy. If they are going to eat it, I make it softer… I like to add a little curry, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, cardamom, pepper, turmeric… and then we add coconut milk which makes this dish very creamy. Check out more only at Petpooja.

We are going to prepare this chicken curry with white rice.  You can use Basmati rice, which is very aromatic and goes very well, or, as I have done, with wild rice, whose dark color contrasts perfectly with the yellows of the curry. A very complete dish that the whole family will like, you can also have it made in advance. It’s perfect for the lunch box at work!

chicken curry recipe


  • 1 chicken breast
  • 250ml coconut milk
  • 1 onion
  • 1 tablespoon of curry
  • a few coriander leaves
  • Shall
  • Pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Wild rice

How to make chicken curry

we cook the rice

  • As wild rice has a longer cooking time than conventional rice, the first thing we do is cook the rice, it takes about 30 minutes.

We saute the chicken

  • While the rice is cooking, prepare the chicken.
  • Peel and chop the onion, put it in the pan with a little extra virgin olive oil.
  • When it begins to brown, add the chicken cut into pieces and seasoned.
  • Mix, add all the spices, including the curry, and let cook for a few minutes.

Prepare the curry sauce

  • When the chicken is cooked and begins to brown, add the coconut milk
  • Mix and let cook until the sauce is reduced.

How to taste chicken curry

We put a bed of wild rice and the chicken on top. If you want, sprinkle with a little chopped coriander and serve.

A very complete chicken curry that you have to prepare because it is delicious.

How to make the best chicken curry

  • If you like the exotic flavor of Indian food, you can add other spices to the tablespoon of curry: 1 chilli pepper, a pinch of cinnamon, ginger, cumin, a clove, turmeric, etc.
  • You can replace the coconut milk with  natural yogurt . Coconut milk gives a sweeter taste, yogurt a bit more acid. Respect the same quantities and that’s it.
  • Curry can be bought in any supermarket, although the best is undoubtedly the one you can buy in Indian product stores.
  • There are those who include some vegetables or also mushrooms, this is to taste.
  • Ideal accompaniments: a good white rice , much better if it is basmati , or also a wild rice .

Benefits of chicken curry

Chicken  curry  is a  quick and nutritious dinner  that conquers everyone, young and old, because although it is not a recipe for children, strictly speaking, its flavor conquers them.

Chicken is a bird with very little fat and high levels of protein, perfect for  maintaining weight and for muscle growth  and development. In addition, it is a meat rich in tryptophan, which  helps us fight depression;  It also provides selenium, which strengthens our  metabolism and immune system , and helps us maintain our  eye health  thanks to retinol, lycopene and vitamin A derivatives.

To these benefits of chicken we must add the  properties of turmeric, one of the main spices in  curry . Turmeric  is extraordinary  for  protecting the liver , and helps fight digestive problems .  It   is also a powerful  anti- inflammatory,  it has  antidepressant properties ; helps  take care of the heart ; It has benefits against certain types of  cancer  and is an ally  against free radicals. 

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