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Potato and carrot puree for babies

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Potato and carrot puree for babies

Are you already fully involved in the world of purees for babies ?… Surely you have a thousand doubts that we have tried to solve in all the time that we have been with you through our baby food articles , where step by step We have been breaking down the introduction of foods that you can see here , and that we recommend you consult if you have any questions about complementary feeding . 

The WHO recommends breastfeeding exclusively and on demand for up to 6 months, and from then on introducing complementary feeding, following the appropriate guidelines. In case you use formula milk for whatever reason, you can start with complementary feeding at 4 months, but always following the instructions that above all include the recommendation to introduce foods one by one to detect possible allergies.

We do want to point out that, although from 6 months (4 in the case of breastfeeding with formula milk) the introduction of complementary feeding is recommended, the baby’s main food will always be milk, either breast milk or formula. , remember that complementary feeding is “complementary” to milk and not the other way around…

Green beans, zucchini, squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes  are, in general, the first vegetables that specialists recommend introducing in baby purées. As the child nutritionist told you in the article on the introduction of vegetables, some of them, due to their high content of oxalates and nitrites, are not suitable until 12 months , such as  spinach, Swiss chard, cabbage, parsnip, asparagus, turnips, beet and celery. Carrots , although they also have nitrites, can be offered from 6 months in small quantities and discarding the cooking water, which is where they mainly stay.

Having made these clarifications to remember some concepts, today we are going to prepare one of the simplest vegetable purees for babies , and probably one of the ones that they like the most, because the sweet taste of carrots is always a claim for the little ones. Remember that you should never add sugar or salt to babies’ purées, they should seem bland to you, don’t worry about that, since their palates are not accustomed to salt and it should be that way for as long as possible, least until the first year of age.

Potato and carrot puree for babies from 6 months


  • 100 g potato (peeled and without green areas)
  • 1 carrot
  • 100 ml of breast milk or formula
  • 1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil

How to make mashed potato and carrot for babies:

We put the potato and carrot peeled and boiled in water without salt or steamed in a saucepan, crushing them in 100ml of milk. To this porridge we will add 3-5gr of virgin olive oil (1/2-1 tablespoon dessert). It can be made more liquid by adding milk or thicker by putting a scoop of gluten-free cereals.

Also remember that it is preferable to boil the vegetables in large pieces to avoid losing vitamins and minerals, they should be introduced when the water is boiling using the smallest volume of water possible, or better yet steamed. Once cooked, they should be consumed as soon as possible to prevent nitrates from turning into nitrites. A good idea is to boil more quantity for a few servings and grind them without broth or milk, freezing them in separate servings as soon as possible, since freezing slows down the oxidation reactions of vegetables, their loss of vitamins and the formation of nitrites.

Vegetable puree has almost no caloric value, which is why it is the ideal complement to meat, eggs, fish and legumes, which you must gradually introduce into the babies’ diet little by little, since the iron in these foods It is much better absorbed in the company of vegetables.

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