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Puff pastry Christmas tree (sweet or savory recipe)

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Puff pastry Christmas tree (sweet or savory recipe)

This puff pastry Christmas tree seems to us to be one of the most original Christmas recipes, not only to cook it with the kids, because it is extremely easy and delicious, but also because it is a perfect Christmas appetizer for these days.

This puff pastry tree can be made both in a sweet version (filling it with cream or cocoa), and in a salty version, if for example we make a pizza-type filling, we only have to decide which is our favorite!

Puff Pastry Christmas Tree Recipe


  • 2 rectangular sheets of puff pastry (you can find it in any supermarket
  • 1 egg to paint
  • Sweet or savory filling to our liking

How to make a sweet Christmas puff pastry tree

We cut the puff pastry

  • In both cases, both in the sweet and salty versions, the procedure is the same.
  • We spread the two rectangular puff pastry masses, one on top of the other, putting the bottom one on a sheet of baking paper, and with a sharp knife we ​​give them a triangle shape with a small trunk at the bottom as seen in the pictures. images (this is optional, if you prefer to take more advantage of the puff pastry sheet, simply make an isosceles triangle ). At the moment we do not cut the branches.

Sweet puff pastry filling

  • We separate the top puff pastry and fill the bottom dough with our favorite sweet filling. Here are some suggestions:
    • cocoa cream
    • Custard cream
    • Strawberry jam
    • Applesauce
  • As you can see there are many options, and they are all very good.

Assembling the stuffed puff pastry tree

  • Once we have spread out our filling, place the second sheet of puff pastry on top of the first, taking care to match the shapes. Brush with beaten egg.
  • We place an oven sheet to mark with a knife (NOTICE without cutting the puff pastry, just marking slightly), two parallel lines in the center of the tree about 5 centimeters wide, which will serve as a guide.
  • Then we cut the puff pastry in parallel lines 3 or 4 centimeters wide, on one side and the other of the central lines, and we roll each line of puff pastry until it is done all over the tree, as you can see in the image.

We bake the puff pastry

  • Bake at 200ºC, heat up and down for 15 minutes or until the puff pastry is golden.
  • Remove and let cool on a rack

How to decorate the Christmas tree from puff pastry

And now comes the fun part, because although we can leave our puff pastry tree like this and it will be pretty, since when twisting the puff pastry the filling will give it a touch of color, if we want to finish it off we can put lines of white icing on top, and sprinkle balls of red and green sprinkles , and some snowflake sprinkles. Check out more recipes on at Pet Pooja.

Salty Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

If you prefer the salty version of this Christmas tree-shaped stuffed puff pastry, either for the Christmas table or simply to cook a delicious dinner for the children these days  , the process would be the same as the one we explained above, but the filling would be salty.

You can fill it with pesto and grated cheese, as in the version above (where you will also see the other way of cutting the tree that we indicated before without the trunk below to make better use of the puff pastry), or stuffed like a pizza with a tomato and cheese base grated and your favorite salty filling: sausages, salami, chorizo, tuna…

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