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Recipes for children, 6 original salty muffins! | Recipes for Kids

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Recipes for children, 6 original salty muffins! | Recipes for Kids

Do you have a cupcake pan? Well, we are going to use it for much more than classic muffins and cupcakes ! Today we will see these  recipes for children, 6 original salty muffins that will surprise you! It is that there are many traditional dishes that can become cupcakes, you will see that children will find them more attractive in this way.

Savory tarts, meatloaf, omelettes… and much more! Would you like to see these  recipes for particular children and results?

In the main image we see some  broccoli muffins , which are nothing more than a savory cake, but instead of using a large mold as we always do, we can prepare mini portions using the muffin mold. You can do it with any vegetable, I leave you as an example our  spinach quiche .

Recipes for children, savory muffins with sausage

These  savory sausage muffins or cupcakes  that we taught you how to prepare a while ago are perfect as an appetizer, and also as  a birthday snack . And of course they are delicious!

Recipes for children, savory French omelette muffins

Almost any  tortilla  that you prepare at home can be baked in the cupcake molds, previously oiled. Of course, it has to be well cooked so that it does not disarm when unmolding it. We can also make a simple French omelette, adding shavings of ham, cheese, chopped parsley, etc. Check out more only at Pet Pooja.

Recipes for children, savory meat muffins

Among the  5 recipes for children with minced meat  that I saw in  Pequeocio , I found these meat muffins that seemed super original to me. It is just a matter of changing the mold that we always use for the  meatloaf for the muffins, just keep in mind that it will cook faster. If you want to serve them, you can decorate the cupcakes with a flake of mashed potatoes.

Recipes for children, salty salmon muffins

Some time ago we left you the step-by-step recipe for these  salmon muffins  that are a spectacle. I think they are ideal for a party or meeting, and they also have a delicate flavor that the little ones will surely like.

Recipes for children, salted egg muffins

These cupcakes or muffins are a super fast dinner! You take the oiled muffin tin, put a slice of ham in each cup, pressing it so that it takes the shape and you put an egg inside. Season with salt and pepper and take to the oven preheated to 200 °. The cooking time depends on how you like the eggs cooked, with about 12 minutes they should be set. When you serve, you can sprinkle with powdered cheese and sautéed spring onion.

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