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Vegetable puree for babies | Recipes for Kids

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Vegetable puree for babies | Recipes for Kids

At home we continue with the “potito operation” or introduction to complementary feeding . He started very well with the fruit porridge but he has been eating less for a few days, it may be because he has tried the vegetable puree and he likes it better… how have your people accepted fruit? Tell us about the experience because we will surely learn new things from each other.

I put some guidelines that we must take into account to prepare the baby jars or purees .

  • Use fresh vegetables, since every day they spend in the fridge they lose between 5 and 10% of their nutritional properties.
  • We can use zucchini, pumpkin, leek, green beans, carrot or onion to start.
  • Cook just enough, the longer the cooking, the more vitamins and nutrients are lost.
  • We will not add spices as they can be indigestible.
  • To achieve the desired consistency, add cooking water, milk or juice.
  • Little by little we will increase the consistency.
  • Grind very well to avoid leaving strands as they could make the child vomit.
  • Never put salt, it must seem bland to us.
  • Always, at the end, add a splash of extra virgin olive oil that will provide calories, flavor and many benefits.

How to make a pumpkin, potato and carrot puree for babies.


  • 1 small potato
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 piece of pumpkin
  • 1 splash of extra virgin olive oil

Preparation of the vegetable puree
Peel the potato and chop it, we do the same with the carrot and the pumpkin. We put everything in a saucepan with water on the fire until they are soft, in about fifteen minutes it will be ready in normal cooking, you can also do it in the pressure cooker or in the microwave.

Put the pumpkin, potato and carrot together with a couple of tablespoons of the cooking water in the blender glass and blend very well. Now we only have to add a splash of extra virgin olive oil in the portion that we are going to give to the little one.

And remember not to look at the clock and that we must have a lot of patience, it must be a moment of tranquility.

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