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Calicut Notebook Restaurant Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE

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Calicut Notebook Restaurant Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi - UAE

Calicut Notebook restaurant located in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi in UAE and they are south Indian fusion food restaurants providing best and traditional as well as inspired dishes from around the world at reasonable prices and also they provide outdoor catering services.

Locations of Calicut Notebook Restaurant in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE

Calicut Notebook Dubai locations are Next to united hypermarket Deira Dubai, Dubai residential oasis in Al Qusais Dubai, near clock tower roundabout in Sharjah,  level 1 – Lulu hypermarket in Al Qusais Dubai, level 2 – madinat zayed shopping centre Abu Dhabi, level 1 – lulu hypermarket in Al Barsha Dubai and amman street in Al Nahda Dubai.

What Is The Contact Details of Calicut Notebook Restaurants in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi UAE?

Contact Details in Dubai

Calicut Notebook have 5 locations of their restaurant in Dubai – UAE and the contact details are below:-

  1. United Hypermarket Deira, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 265 3336 | Mob: +971 52 645 9071
  2. Dubai Residential Oasis, Al Qusais, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 220 5599 | Mob: +971 52 645 9072
  3. Lulu Hypermarket, Al Qusais, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 280 8254 | Mob: +971 52 645 9074
  4. Lulu Hypermarket Al Barsha, Dubai | Tel: +971 52 645 9076 | Mob: +971 4 354 9166
  5. Amman Street, Al Nahda, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 258 8093 | Mob: +971 52 645 9079

Contact Detail in Abu Dhabi

Calicut Notebook has 1 location in Abu Dhabi – UAE and the contact detail is below:-

  • Level 2, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Abu Dhabi | Tel: +971 2 627 8644 | Mob: +971 52 645 9075

Contact Detail in Sharjah

Calicut Notebook restaurant Sharjah has 1 location and the contact detail is below:-

  • Near Clock Tower Roundabout, Sharjah | Tel: +971 6 651 8338 | Mob: +971 52 645 9073

What Is The Calicut Notebook Restaurant Menu?

Calicut notebook restaurant menus are kids menu, nostagia, salads, jucies, milk shakes, smooties and mocktails. The details menus are below. Check out more only at Pet Pooja.

Calicut Notebook Menu:-

Menu for Kids of Calicut

calicut notebook restaurant sharjah

  • Crunchy Munchy Prawns – Crumb fried sticky prawns served with fusion tartar salad
  • Angel Honey Wings – Crispy fried chicken wings glazed with honey based garlic sauce
  • Chicken Screwdriver – Seasoned chicken fingers coated with rice noodles and deep fried
  • Nutty Noodles – Butter sautéed noodles tossed almonds and cashew nuts
  • Corn and Butter Rice – Seasoned rice with butter and kernel corn
  • Naughty Nuggets – Minced chicken nuggets filled with almond flakes and cashew nuts and deep fried

Nostalgia Menu Calicut Restaurant

calicut notebook restaurant duba

  • Pineapple Uppilittath – Selected pineapple sliced and pickled with green citilli & ginge
  • Manga Uppilittath – Selected raw mangoes sliced and pickled with green chilli & ginger
  • Kanthari Cheriyulli Chammanthi – Kerala traditional dip for Tapioca (kappa) made with shallots, garlic, chilli & rock salt
  • Idicha Beef – Traditional Catholic recipe. Crushed beef tempered with red chilli, curry leaves and Kerala spices
  • Chemmeen Podi – Dried Shrimps powdered with traditional Kerala spices and tamarind
  • Spicy Raw Mango Salad – Raw mangoes sliced and dressed with Kerala spices

Salads Menu Calicut Notebook

calicut notebook restaurant qusais

  • Crunchy Kale with Tempura Chicken – Crispy fried kale leaves & Tempura chicken strips dressed in black peppercorn and mayo
  • Grilled Chicken with Avocado – Barbequed chicken with avocado dressing on iceberg bed
  • Malabar Corn Salsa – Kemal corn, Cherry tomatoes & Olives with chilli lemon coriander dressing
  • Broccoli on Heaven – Blanched broccoli served with yoghurt based creamy dressing
  • Shrimps in Avocado – Grilled shrimps on stuffed cucumber with special avocado mix
  • Hawaiian Chicken Salad – Grilled chicken, pineapple & bell pepper with Hawaiian fusion dressing
  • Thai Mango Salad – Fresh ripe mango strips, shallots & coriander leaves with our secret dressing
  • Fruits in Yoghurt – Fresh fruits & herbs with yoghurt dressing

Juices, Milk Shaks & Smooties Menu of Calicut

  • Lime Juice
  • Fresh Fruit Juice
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Lassi
  • Fruit Lassi
  • Lime Soda
  • Dates
  • Mango
  • Passion Fruit
  • Nuts

Mocktails Menu in Calicut Restaurant

  • Passion fruit Ginger Ale – Fresh passion fruits soaked in ginger syrup served with fizzy strawberry juice & ice
  • Green Fire – A spicy refreshing orange drink mixed with lemon, ginger juice, chillies & coriander leaves
  • Green Angel Mango – A secret mango and pineapple recipe
  • Kairali – A secret mix of tender coconut juice and mint
  • Planters Puncho – Local fragrant herb (nannari) mix with tender coconut juice, sugar, green chilli, lemon with coriander leaves

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