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Banana pancakes (EASY recipe with 2 ingredients) | Recipes for Kids

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Banana pancakes (EASY recipe with 2 ingredients) | Recipes for Kids

These banana pancakes can become a healthy breakfast or snack for your children, who will love them for how delicious they are and how much fun they are, and it will be yours too, because you can prepare them in 5 minutes.

They are also very easy to combine with different products for a complete breakfast or snack. They do not contain flour or added sugar, so they are perfect for coeliacs. You only need two ingredients!

The basic recipe for American pancakes has more ingredients, but our version is much easier, it does not have flour or sugar, and it also incorporates fruit in the dough, which always comes in handy to incorporate more healthy ingredients into the diet of the little ones in a fun way. Check out more only at Pet Pooja.

Banana pancakes recipe

Ingredients (for 12-15 small pancakes)

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 banana and a half

How to make easy and fluffy banana pancakes

Banana pancake batter

  • To make the homemade banana pancakes, we will first cut the fruit into small pieces and put it in the glass of our food processor or glass blender together with the eggs.
  • We process, make an interval of several seconds and repeat several times until we obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

We make pancakes in the pan

  • Heat a non-stick frying pan with a pinch of oil or butter and pour the pancake mix into a baking bottle (you can also use a ladle).
  • When the pan is hot, with the bottle we draw the outline of a heart and then fill it, cook over medium heat. We can also use a ladle and just make them round. As they do not contain flour, these pancakes are softer than usual, that is why we must make them small, otherwise it will be difficult to turn them.
  • When we notice that the pancake is well browned on the bottom side, we will turn it over with a spatula and cook for another minute on the other side. It is important that before turning them we are sure that they are golden brown so that they do not break.

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